Thursday, August 28, 2008

my analysis from Ikea

so this is the result of the analysis of featuring examples from Ikea and merging onto the proposed site (Ferris Wheel area in Docklands)...but result didnt pull off well enough, not that im satisfy with as well as my need to put extra effort in for the nex class coz that'll b the mid-sem presentation, thats fucking crazy and the hectic-ness lol :)

and the pics after the jump is my finish mock-up for one of the studios, to be featured in portfolio subject as portfolio...sorry for the confusing sentences...just for portfolio usage which is one of my subject this sem, weird? yes, fun? yes! and thus i didnt sleep the entire nite yesterday coz once i get started on making the portfolio, i just cant seem to stop till it finished so i finally finished the pics after the jump and collapsed on bed at around 7.00 am

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