Thursday, August 28, 2008

not-so-fun IKEA trip

well its 2.40 in the morning and im updatin my blog here..coz i personally prefer to blog in the late nite or should i say early morning lol...and yeah its been a pretty hectic week for me since i last blog-ed bout Gamova, the volleyball player and now that the Beijing Olympic is over (p/s: the worst part bout the closing ceremony is the part of British coming out with random acts doin weird stuff and askin Beckham to kick the ball..its just nonesense)

i went to check-out at Richmond's Ikea last week, no, im not shopping (tho i did a lil along the way and couldn't resist but bought the tealight packs and the attracted to light, dont ask..), i was there collecting data and doin site analysis for my studio's project as we'll have to solve out the functional layout, carpark typologies and stuffs that general Ikea had..

ignoring all the process that i went thru Ikea to collect datas, theres one thing that i wanna talk about here, its the food in Ikea! its simply amazing! i chose the pasta with swedish meatballs and its just like 7.5 dollars, cheap! (ok, please dont convert it to RM)..not that i wanna help promoting Ikea's food but its really awesome! Swedish meatball certainly has a this sounds a bit wrong i know

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