Sunday, August 24, 2008

missed out on my favourite olympic sport

im totally upset with the fact that i missed out on every single matches of Russian women's volleyball (altho they were out in quarter final) in Olympic...grrr!!!

coz my top favourite sports girl is in the Russian volleyball team, Gamova. She was the best coz if watch last olympics volleyball, the entire team of Russia was just relying on her to score to silver medal, and saly they lost to China team in the final, the match was absolutely furious as the scores are almost the same between Russian team and China team...if anyone can help me to find those streaming link or downloading site for the russian volleyball matches in Beijing Olympic, that will b much appreciated, coz i cant find even one in youtube as russian team was out in quarter final and no one will tape that unless its semifinal or final sad is that

in case u wonder how she looks like, heres some of her pics after the jump, in beijing olympic during the match against China (yes...again)

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