Wednesday, September 3, 2008

more pics frm countdown celebration party

ok..not that i want to further show off how fun we were at that nite...its just i only managed to get my hands on some new-arrival photoes in my email frm henry (anythin just blame him for sending me late lol....) and so i guess it would b best to share it here with u guys :)

lol, i know the 'v' hand sign is so outdated..but just cant help it when taking photoes and im trying to quit haha...and now take a look at two photoes that i posted below...try to look at someone's face..

yes!...gerald's red eye shadow was melting! (lol just jk!...nah is just his drunken face)...but yling said he looked as if hes ready for chinese opera show (to-te-rok-tok-chiang)

and seriously i dont know who the hell are the ppl at the right hand side of the pic...just grabbed them to take pics with us as they carried the huge flag which is cool..

p/s: thanx henry for sending me all these precious pics :)

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