Tuesday, July 15, 2008

boring tuesday

such a boring day today...(have packed all my stuffs last nite and ready to go back melbourne on comin friday...)

so i decided to go for a movie..but what am i to do if theres no friend to accompany me?...nah..all of my friends have gone back to their unis and some havent even back home from vacation and study....so ive made the most courageous move in my life....to watch movie in the cinema all by myself

so...the movie that ive watched is 'The Journey to The Centre of The Earth" (such a long name to spell out when buying the ticket...and luckily it was kinda good in a way although the story is expectable and the tyrannosaurus in there was in fake rendering (sorry bout being fussy coz i have designer eyes on rendering stuff)...but overall its good so i gave it a 'B'

so, i realize that u dont have to wait for others to do things as its just a waste of time and people just like to break promises they made...so let yourself in once a while by doin what you normally do with friends when u are needing it by not letting the thoughts of whether your friends wanna go ruin your day...and who knows it might be as fun as when ure enjoying it with your friends....

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