Monday, July 14, 2008

KL trip

July 6 to 9, the main reason that im goin KL this time was not just visiting my soon-to-go-uk friends but also to just sweeping stocks as its the yearly MEGASALE!

everythins cheap but not many people though coz of the raised petrol price recently..
so basically i bought a last-season banana republic tote bag (damn it the best deal ever)
heres the short pants that i bought from Seed coz it looks as if its frm other expensive brands and its in-style now..but think im just gonna keep it till spring in aussie...

then, this sweater from Gap...the reason that i bought it coz its feel great to be touched..

and finally...two pairs of shoes!! one from Puma (saw it in Melbourne last time but didnt buy it...lucky me...its god damn cheap here after discount)...and another from Giordano (for formal or wearin on street...looks cool like Justin T. style)

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