Friday, July 18, 2008

movie day again!

Jul 16, wednesday, and yes, today is my movie day again but this time i have company as JC was comin back from vacation in Perlis...(weird tho...vacation in Perlis)

So, we watched Hellboy 2: The Golden Army...overall the movie was ok coz there are loads of weird-looking creatures (which i like...coz i love paranormal stuff) and actions...tho the ending of the movie was still expectable...overall grade is 'B'...

im just so in love with the creature that has got wings with loads of was so beautiful (my beautiful here doesnt mean the normal meaning to the beautiful word...its beautiful as in golden proportion in the making of the creature, making it unforgettable even tho its the first time you saw it) It somehow looks similar to the creature in Pan's Labyrinth but better...

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