Thursday, April 3, 2014

Trip to Macau 2013 - Part 6

The next morning, we managed to find an excellent Hong Kong breakfast place in Causeway Bay. They sell all the real and typical Hong Kong breakfast, I'm just drooling by looking at the picture that I uploaded below. We had to wake up very early to catch the boat over to Macau.

We reached Macau in the afternoon, checked into hotel and took the free bus (the free bus takes you to their own casino from the main bus station, and thus, trying to save money, you can actually wait for the bus from your hotel to get to the bus station and then from there, hop onto one of those bus to your preferred casino) to the legendary Venetian Casino.

I've never been to Las Vegas but judging from tons of movies that I watched over the years that made reference to Las Vegas, I guess Macau is second to the real Las Vegas. It was mind blowing to know that all these casinos are gathered within this small island it almost become like a fantasy land. I can't say I love Macau because I only spent a day there and I was in the casino most of the time (sadly I lost $20 playing Jackpot). It was a really weird place to me it felt like Genting Highland in Malaysia minus the theme park part. It's not really a place for anyone who does't like to gamble as it seems like the only activity there.

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