Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Trip to Hong Kong 2013 - Part 5

The Peak is quite a good place to visit if you have a lot of patience in queuing up for at least 45 minutes in waiting for the special tram that travels up to the hill top. I quite enjoy the track that cuts through old and new apartments, forest and finally reaching to the top. The view is definitely breathtaking, all the buildings seem to accumulate on one side and if you look at the other side of the hill, its all the untouched natural lushness of the forest. Such a massive contrast.

After visiting The Peak, I was absolutely thirsty and of course, I went and got myself the best iced milk coffee in Hong Kong, the Lan Yuen Fong stall, situated right in the city. Went back to the same bakery I mentioned in my last post to get more egg tart and I think I bumped into the Hong Kong celebrity. I'm 70 to 80% sure that it is her in that picture, her name is Almen Wong Pui-Ha (黃佩霞)

So, I went to the Victoria Harbour in Kowloon, and this time, I went to the exact opposite side of it. I'm looking over the Kowloon and although it doesn't have the long stretched of skyscrapers like Hong Kong Island, it is just as beautiful and strangely calming. I also spotted the sailing ship that defines the old Hong Kong. 

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