Monday, April 28, 2014

Port Melbourne Beach and Beyonce Concert

I thought that I will be welcomed by the cold breeze of Melbourne when I head back from Hong Kong, but instead, it was hot summer wind that just keep blowing onto my face. There really isn't many things to do in Melbourne besides hanging out at the beach during summer time. So, I packed my beach towels, sunscreen and speedo, boarded the tram and headed down to Port Melbourne Beach.

Some day after, Beyonce was coming to town for her Mrs Carter concert tour. It was a night filled with lots of shouting and singing. What an amazing concert!! I have gotten myself prepared for this concert few months before, such as getting myself a vintage theatre binocular from Camberwell flea market. It is crucial for 'economic seats' concert goers. I have tried my best to zoom her face to the max using my iPhone during the concert, unfortunately I only managed to get her whiteout face :(

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