Tuesday, July 6, 2010

torquay trip part 2...

i know you guys must b say wtf (*what the fart ;) is he still posting up when he left the blog for ages?! i know :( coz ive been busy with work and weekends were filled with endless events and parties, no im not exaggerating its true!

however, i will never abandon my beloved blog like this :) (*start clearing off the cobwebs).... seriously, i'll try to tell the story of second part of the trip if i still can remember (*its been half a year ago! time fliesssssssss).. ok lets start off shall we?... the trip went blah blah blah (i just skipped off things that are considered boring like conversation in the car)...

stopped half way to have a look at a beautiful lighthouse, im always fascinated with lighthouse, probably coz of its function as a sun at night, giving out light to help those who lost in the dark.. (*sorry i get too philosophical at times haha just gonna shut up right here)

we reached the camp site after a couple of hours, it amazed and shocked me at the same time, whats amazing is that its beside a small creek, seems so picturesque at first glimpse huh?.. not so until i realized whats swimming in there, ducks, ducks, and more ducks (which means poops are everywhere at the camp site, no soil that was bigger than 5cm square that is clean from ducks' poo! lol... but anyway, just ignore that bit and we went to a restaurant nearby for takeaway dinner and spend our extra time after dinner driving up a cliff watching storm gathering in the horizon... breathtaking!
second day, pack up and leave!... drove further down the road and discovered the quiet apollo bay!! so we decided to stopped by and had some fun time activities like jumping around, chasing waves... :)


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  2. glad to 'hear' u again from ur blog!
    please update more =)

  3. haha! thanx wey chii for supporting for so long :P i will try to update my blog more often from now on :)