Sunday, April 11, 2010

torquay camp trip part 1

yes, its my bad for abandoning my blog for such a long long time :( what to do now? some 'winter' cleaning! (*coz Australia is located in southern hemisphere so its winter here)

so i went to Torquay and its surrounding area to camp the other day, which was between 12 to 13 of December last year... rented a four wheel drive and to Torquay we go! (*i went with the usual group of people: twins, chern xi, yee peng, yin lih and lih juinn)

as usual, i love to take some pics of the events or minor things that occurred when we were on our way and this time is that a watermelon falling off from a fruit truck and smashed onto the road lols.. lol random shit i know, but its funny coz u don't get to see this kinda thing happens every day... so after two hours plus (*thats coz we stopped halfway to had our brunch at red rooster) of drive, we finally arrived at torquay beach! :)

the girls were playing volleyballs beside the beach while me? of course i rushed into the sea to surf!! gosh i love surfing tho im not a pro at it :) its just amazing to get drifted by the wave and ride along with its speed! then, had a couple of photo-shooting session, or should i put it as 'cam-whoring' session on the beach

then we hopped into the car and continue our journey along the great ocean road :) (the famously known road winding along the cliffs of with great view of the southern ocean... so, instead of me talking and describing over here, its better that i show some evidences :)

as you can see, the color tone of the pictures changes from blurry to clearer, i have no intention of creating it but was just trying to make some of the pictures look as if its taken by some lomo-cameras, some pictures work quite well with that some doesn't, especially those with just scenery so i changed those with scenery back to a clearer photo mode to bring out the beauty of the landscape, greenery and oceanic view... stay tune for the part two :)

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