Tuesday, February 9, 2010

twins bday celebration at japanese restaurant at toorak rd :) part 1

deeply sorry for not been updating my blog lately coz im juggling my time between my jobs, spending time with friends, doing laundry, exercising and cooking, seriously ive got not much time left at the end of the day and just feeling so exhausted..

anyway, just gonna go straight into the topic, twins bday was last december the 15th, and they love japanese food so chern xi suggested that we go to this japanese art gallery come restaurant place at toorak rd to celebrate their bday...so we took tram to toorak rd and along the way we were saying something that i couldnt remember, to which caused yin lih to 'spill' out a lil bit of tear frm the edge of her eyes, i guess it was some kinda funny joke lol...

and, as usual, we had some pics taken while waiting for the food to be served...

drink came first, and i ordered some sort of tea *sorry cant remember much coz this happened ages ago, my bad :(.... and then the main course was the smoke salmon with rice and salad.. delicious~~...

ohh ohh... here comes the most important part.... the dessert!!!.. some sort of cold mochi like thing which japanese eat with tea.. and the appearance and color of 'the things' changed according to season :)... i mean the way they were made, not that it will changed automatically according to season -.- ... anyway, its a 'must-eat' that no one should miss after the meal!!!

after the meal, we wander around the gallery and i was kinda amazed by the similar emotions drawn by the ancient japanese artist, all the samurai, warriors and guys in the drawings seemed to have eyebrows raised up while mouth 'pulled' down.. so i attempted to imitate their emotions, its kinda cool dont u think? i like it tho lols


  1. fuiyoh!! so fast!!.. just updated like seconds ago!

  2. hahahahahahahaha the last photo

    aiyoh so nice I WANT TO GO THERE TOOOOOOO