Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brighton "Bitch" walkabout...part 2

after finishing the jap food near Chapel St., we went back home to get change and went out again to Brighton Beach as it was sunny and windy :D....

hmm... whats famous at Brighton? just the multi-colored huts that were built along the shoreline... it very quiet and peaceful compared to the nearby St Kilda beach.. its more like a private beach which is solely for clearing up ones mind instead of constantly interrupted by people's noises (*the noises include farting, giggling, yelling... etc, made my human)

anyway, there were alot of dead jellyfish being washed up to the shore (which look like huge pile of spit..lols!)... i can't help but wondering if a massive disaster is coming?? hopefully not :P

we had fun taking photos in front of the huts (as they have different themes and color that allowed us to pose differently! :D) as well as kicking sand onto each other haha... instead of going back to city to have dinner, we had it at one of the fish and chip restaurant beside the beach... the food wasn't as good as expected but overall its still edible (*and that's why i couldn't even bother to take a photo of the food)

ohh ohh! and final question regarding the last pic at the bottom left.... what does it mean? hmm hints would b a movie title :D (*i think this question is only applicable to people who know how to read Chinese character...)

tick tock tick tock......TIMES UP!!... its "赤壁" (direct translation "red wall"- but it actually called "red cliff" (the movie title) :D lol L-A-M-E, i know but whatever, as long as im happy lols

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