Friday, January 1, 2010

z-corp printer & my new plant...

u must b wondering whats z-corp printer... let me tell ya, its a kinda 3d model-making machine that uses some sort of dusty powder to construct model through layer, pray glue, layer, spray glue process (its layering process to be exact)... the 3d model from 3d surface generative program such as rhino, will be sent to another program called magic to fix up all the holes and joints, so if ure using solidworks, u dont have to go thru this process of fixing holes and joints as solidworks' 3d model is generated from solid, not surfaces....

so, instead of generating an entirely new 3d models from scratch, the elective's lecturer asked us to find some existing objects (anything) and then placed it in front of a 3d scanner (its just a scanner, but instead of scanner 2d things, it scans multiple images of an object from multiple angles, then stitches them together to generate a 3d form) and scan it.... after that, the 3d form is then altered using 3d software (rhino, magic, 3d max, etc)... i personally didnt alter much of the scanned object, just poke thru some holes in between to show my alteration as well as serving as a pencil/pen holder... instead of talking, im just gonna show u where i get the scanned object from...

its from ultraman's monter "twintail" (ツインテール) lolx!!! (coz ive got the collection of the action figure, so i thought why dot i just scan it as it look weirdly cool)

and... ive got myself a new plant two months ago.. guess what, its a venus fly trap!! so cool aye! (*ok im not intentionally trying to sound like a canadian here but putting 'aye' here seems appropriate lolx)


  1. Haha. Canadians say 'eh?' a lot, yes. But so do people from New Zealand. I love that ultraman figure, it's so cool. All of those spikes must hurt in a fight!

    Are the holes in the side from your action figure or from the process of making it though?

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