Friday, January 1, 2010

videos that i would love to share...

ive been very addicted to 'how i met your mother' lately, i became obsess in a way that i even went to youtube to search at the music video appear at one of the episodes from season 2... its called "let's go to the mall"... but u have to watch that show to really get the jokes...

and i went to watch 'lovely bones' (it was quite good) yesterday with my friend and before the show started, there were heaps of advertisements and trailers... one of the trailers caught my eyes, "nine", not because of the actresses (altho it does attract me alot) and not because of the plot (altho it might contribute to some attractions), but its the one sentence that appear in the conversation of the trailer that totally attracted me... it goes like this "i'll be here waiting for u, with my legs open' lolx man, thats legendary! i think its gonna b the famous quote that comes out frm the movie...

ohh ohh... i almost forgot to say somethin... ~HAPPY 2010~

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  1. Haha, that video from How I Met Your Mother is hilarius. Especially if you are from Canada, you understand some of the subtle jokes. 'Aboot' is how Canadians sometimes pronounce about, but none actually say aboot, it is just a joke stereotype, like British people play cricket, when very few actually do. And the Canada Day joke is funny, because very few people care that much about Canada Day, it's not very significant :P . Brian Mulroney, that part surprised me, he was a conservative Prime Minister from the 80s who most people dislike. And wow, it was so funny when they randomly showed a portrait of Mozart, hahaha! Also, isn't that robot from the movie Short Circuit? So funny, haha. But, she's actually a pretty good singer in terms of having a good comedic character and keeping in tune at the same time.

    You saw Lovely Bones? Wow, it came out so fast, I did not even see any advertisements for it. I'll definately go to see that, cannot miss.

    Nine looks good too. Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Judi Dench, Mario Cotillard and Daniel Day-Lewis, what a great cast. The reviews could be better, but I'll definately see it, looks like Oscar material. Is it too late to nominate it?