Monday, October 5, 2009

hari raya and karaoke session...

last two weeks ago was hari raya...and thus i was invited by kelly to haidar's place coz she was having open house and there were heaps of great and tasty food (*not to mention those real malaysian food that ive missed for almost a year already~)... so i thought it was a bit rude to go without anythin, thus i went to buy an apple crispy pie and then headed to haidar's :D..... the food was seriously good!! malaysian food is always the best!!! (*just to show a lil bit of patriotism here lolss)

and i managed to satisfy my desire around that time as well.... .which was singing karaoke!!! coz i havent been to karaoke bar since the semester start and i was practicing everyday in the shower so it was my time to 'shine' lols...had a great time with the melbourne uni's group of friends coz they were having semester holiday at the time :)


  1. cool that you finally got to eat some good malaysian food!
    are there not many good malaysian restaurants in melbourne?

  2. yeah was so happy the entire day lolss.... hmm theres just non that can b compared to the restaurants back in malaysia... but ive found some really great korean, indonesian, jap, vietnamese n thai food in melbourne so its alrite :D