Wednesday, July 15, 2009

from malaysia with love...part 1

so as the title suggested, my long-time good friend was hailing all the way frm malaysia to aussie to travel (tho shes just gonna meet up with her bf in tassie and then dropped by melb to travel abit before heading back home to malaysia) to melbourne, and what should a good friend do? of course taking her around the city and showing whats best in melbourne :D....

n.z. as i call her, arrived at melbourne on saturday nite and since saturday nite was a hang-out nite so i took her to papa gino's pizza at lygon st for dinner and then heading on to fed square and crown for a walk along the yarra river bank :)

had to wake up pretty early the nex day (sunday) as we were heading to melbourne central to catch train to camberwell vintage market...(P/S: i managed to salvage a leather belt and a leather A4 sized sling bag (in the pic) from the market :P )

then to sofia restaurant for fretto misto (deep fried seafood)...*which makes me sick of it entirely as i had the same thing exactly a week ago and hopefully im not gonna have bad dream of becoming the seafood myself-.-

then catched the train back to city and dropped by the shrine for some photo-taking sessions :D

and of course since we've bought the weekend daily ticket we headed to chapel st and then to st kilda beach to watch sunset while chewing on leftover fretto misto (*that we took away earlier lolx)... and it was freezing to sit around the beach and eating in the winter time... not cool at all -.-

then headed back to the city for a walk at the yarra river bank before finished the day off with delicious yet freezing gelato frm freddo at lygon st :D

ohh and below's an art work done right outsite my window so i thought of sharing it coz it looks cool and kinda innovative in a way :)


  1. i love ur vintage market (from the pic)...the car boot sales market in glasgow i went recently,has not much of vintage stuffs...quite dissappointing.

  2. haha yea i love hanging around ther.. always alot of stuffs to check out :)

  3. congratulations, u have just reminded my why is melbourne so awesome that i should look forward to coming back, apart from seeing you and the rest again =)

  4. haha lolx... come back soon yea~ :)