Sunday, July 5, 2009

food, photoshopping and yeah, me....

i have to update this coz ive bought some mini cupcakes frm the famous cupcake shop near little collins, called 'little cupcakes' (literal i know -.-... but it goes by its name haha)... and apparently its awesome!!!! ive never had such crazily delicious cupcakes, not to say that they're nicely decorated too!... simply perfecto! :D...

then there were times when im bored and jus clicking around with photoshop coz its holiday anyway and im waiting to get my replied frm application on jobs :).. so, again, i used some of my pictures and intended to change myself into vampire thru photoshop (*its not inspired by 'twilight' and i havent even watched it... i was always wanted to b a vampire thats all :P)

(click on the pics to see the 'fangs' clearer)

ohh yea... today is freaking freaking cold!!! and ive promised twins that im gonna take them out to camberwell market to have a look, so ive no choice but to wake up in the freezing early morning (woke up at freaking 7am! =.=) to get change and all that and headed to station... so thats what i was wearing throughout the day...(white beanie frm rusty, grey scarf frm fcuk, black bomber jacket frm jay jays, white t-shirt frm giordano, acid washed light blue jeans frm levi's, and black and white sneakers frm lacoste)

bought some buttons too for the trenchcoat and my other dark blue peacoat coz the black buttons on them are just too bad to look at -.-

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