Tuesday, June 16, 2009

temporary tatoo...

my previous blog entry was saying that i love to doodle and getting lost in imagination when im facing stress... so i decided to take it to another level last two weeks ago when rushing the panel for studio's final presentation.... i drew 'em on my hand instead! lolx

there were mermaid, strawberry, screw driver, glasses, broomstick, handkerchief, giraffe, shirt, buttons, leaves, rose and bow tie... if i were to get a tattoo in the future, it'll b somethin weird like this coz it looks so much cooler than those tattoos out there with tiger, dragon, chinese characters, blah blah blah.... its just so much different, like what my history lecturer said 'its stupid but i love it' (in typical italish, english + italian slang) lolx

what i wore: scarf frm fcuk, faux leather jacket frm american apparel, blue polo tee from vintage shop, light blue acid washed jeans frm jay jays, and yellow socks frm american apparel

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