Monday, June 15, 2009

asian urbanism final exercise...

ive been freaking busy this week as well even tho my final presentation was over and i had to rushed up my portfolio for submission at 5pm just now.. but thanx god its finally over...phew~

anyway, heres the recap of what ive been busy with, starting from three weeks before (when the craziness started to unleash...) below were the exercises i did (a week or two filled with sleepness nights, seriously) for asian urbanism final presentation and submission

i added some parts for previous exercise 2, which maps out pedestrian systems in Urahara using different techniques

and then the exercise 3 part 1, which is about choosing a specific project by a specific architect or firm (based on the city, tokyo, chosen in exercise 2) to study on its concept and design process which makes its result so identifiable and significant, so i chose to study atelier bow-wow's office and home coz its the best way to learn their idea coz they've tried to pushed all their concepts and ideas into their own office and home :D

and then part 2 of exercise 3 is about looking at the design process and final outcome of a previous project (Tourist Information Centre , Kuala Lumpur) of mine, then tried to relate it back to the part 1, which look at similarities between my ideas and woking process, and atelier bow-wow's and try to see if i can learn anythin else from it. According to my crit, i learned that i usually omit the site with the building plan and its relation when i draw or diagramming it. so its a good way to try to fix it and start by borrowing some of the techniques used by atelier bow-wow

(click on the pics for bigger version)

P/S: ive got a great positive feedback that day from the strict crit and i was happy for the whole day! :D

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