Monday, December 8, 2008

twins' bday

after the drinking session (which last until the nex morning)...i had another party coming that i need to attend... twins' bday party :)... and it was a pot-luck (aka bring-ur-own food) surprise party for twins tho i dont have time to cook and just share with hui xian in sponsoring some take-away mexican food... ohh btw..the choco cake frm brunetti's was fabulous! and the raspberry in the cake was sour in a sexy way.. (ok i know this sounds ridiculous but once u tried the raspberry in it, u'll know what im taking about)

twins room was overflooded with people that nite...

thanx to the ppl (henry, max, twins and others) who helped out in the kitchen.... the pot-luck dinner was really 'ta-ta-ta-ta-tasty-tasty'

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