Monday, December 8, 2008

heading to st kilda beach!

friday was actually the best day to head out to st kilda beach coz the temperature had risen to 30 degrees celcius but the daily ticket was kinda expensive so me and my frens decided to go on saturday morning instead...the weather is a lil bit cold but fine until 15 to 30 minutes after we reached the started to rain a bit...and getting heavier and heavier =_=...but never mind, at least we've still managed to take some great photos on the beach for memories :)

the landmark clock tower at st kilda beach...

and of course the beach :)

and some artistic shots of lj... (gettin nearer and nearer lolx)

and we found a pink car decorated for marrying couple (didnt managed to take the pics of brige and brigegroom)

and we walked to the extended pier...

and walked...

and walked...

towards the end of the pier...theres this 'santuary' for penguin and another type of mouse....

and managed to see a penguin in one of the gaps in between the huge rocks...guess i can just save the cost to travel to philip island just to watch penguin coz i can watch it in st kilda anyway :)

and half way back to the beach i saw a guy rowing his surf board with a dog in front...pity the dog coz it looked scared ;)

after that we went to 'la porchetta' at st kilda for some high-tea...

i ordered tiramisu ice cream...very nice

and guess what i saw on the way back home... someone was taking out the inflated doll and hit his friend sitting at the front seat of the cab...lolx!!...and look at the movement and reaction of the driver beside it (stunned>>finding camera>>taking pics)


  1. Chan Khai Ling, U went to gym is it?

    Haha, never notice ur biceps until this beach pics. U looked good. So manage to surf?

  2. Chan Khai Ling, U went to gym is it?

    Haha, Didn't notice your biceps before until these beach shots...looking good. So started surfing dy?

  3. aww..thanx alot..i don go gym tho but i swim every now and then...sadly havent learned how to surf yet :(... maybe when i got back i'll take courses at sunway lagoon then xD

  4. ai no more chat box der... the foods are awesome... slurp...!!!

  5. blame the random spammers... i just hate them so decided to take off the chatbox