Thursday, December 18, 2008

my bachelor of architectural design graduation!!

it was just happened yesterday!!!...feel like a dream...erm..i mean my graduation ceremony....and it soo crazily huge and was held at telstra dome!!!... ok more posting less talkin.. pics are as below :O.. it was really a 'wow' event and ure allowed to open ur mouth big and wide lolx
and i took some smiley and funky shots with my classmate, tatjana and her friend :P

and the royal melbourne musical band opened the ceremony...made me feel as if im one of the atheletes in olympic lolx

and this is the director of rmit (below)... ive never seen her in uni till now lolx (or perhaps i couldnt remember coz everyone looks the same)

i asked one of the girl sitting at the front row to take photo of me...but my eyes were shut when the photo was taken =_= how sad is that

some pics with my ex classmates, ex ex classmate, friend's friend and even stranger (the one at the far right) lolx...

ohh ya..i was so pathetic yesterday that i gave my sling bag with my wallet, phone and everythin inside except ccamera, to ykeong to take care and i then i rushed to register for the ceremony... i couldnt contact them in the end coz ive left my phone and everythin with them and i couldnt remember their cellphone's number =_=...but at last it was a happy ending that i managed to bumped into them after the ceremony..phew!! pics below are me and sandra, shes the best fren that ive met since i came to rmit

ok i was obviously a bit drunk coz i drank champagne in empty stomach... *_*

and then me and my four special guests of the nite!! twins, sandra and ykeong, thank you all soo soo much for coming, it wouldnt b this fun without either one of u :)

the thing didnt end just here... there is after activity which is meeting up with the rest of the melb uni gang and have a chit chat + supper at one of the chinese tea-house near bourke street

and some multiple cam-whore style shots with lih jiunn lolx...

i wore ralph lauren's green/white stripes long sleeve shirt, topman's brown shiny tie, and custom-made suit....ohh wait a minute... just to show off my little certificate here lolx!..taadah!!

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