Thursday, December 18, 2008

art at QV's gallery...

two days ago i went out to QV for some groceriess shiopping as well as purchasing rock sugao (a kind of sweets) for my sis and two wines for my family... then i was fascinated by the art pieces displayed at the gallery in QV this week (* i think the art pieces are changed every two weeks if not mistaken)..this time is the toys being beutifully and creatively painted as well as decorated on... just check out the pics below..there are heaps of them! (but whats bad is that i don have money to own them coz the starting price for a piece is at least $350.. =_=... guess im just gonna create my own toys then since it can b sold to this kinda sky-high price lolx

theres this last piece at the corner with light placed in it, so the eyes can shine out blue light (pic below)

cool isnt it??.... and below was what i wore that day...

dangerfield's grey fedora, topman's hightlighter lime tee (inside), american apparel's semi-transparent light-weight jacket, jay jays' acid-washed grey skinny jeans, american apparel's yellow sock

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