Friday, November 14, 2008

my early christmas and birthday gift....well thats what i assume lolx

so i decided to buy a small and light laptop after much decisions and thoughts (coz i don wanna carry the current laptop with the weight like a desktop back and forth frm uni and malaysia....(coz thats gona waste more money as i'll have to pay more for carrying overweight stuffs onto planes....

the model that i bought was acer aspire one, sleek black... and whats more.. its the latest version and malaysia doesnt even have it yet lolx... the functions are good except that it doesnt have bluetooth... just one downside, but i cant complain when its a cheap deal!...its just $529 after deducting the $69 cashback.... great deal huh!...

just look at the size compare to my bigger laptop...breath-takingly small and portable! (ignore the messy background)..its actually smaller that in the pics

and it comes with a leather slip cover...nice ehh..

and pic below was what i wear when i go out to buy the laptop :)... recently been quite into the uk dandy look lolx...(red jeans frm jay and statement making)

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