Thursday, November 13, 2008

last day of tassie's frens visit...

i went to uni to ask for nex year's enrolment thing as well as photoshoped and uploaded the pics for previous blogs and facebook yesterday... i almost fell sick coz of the heat..... it was the freaking 32 degrees.. crazy weather!...i missed the lovely and chilly winter :(.....

ohh anyway... the lower pool and upper pool studios were having exhibition frm 6pm til 9pm so i was staying over at the lab and wait til that time and snapped some pics of other people's works as well as mine...

P/S: my works are at the top most of the panel (arranged in horizontal way)

and the physical model frm someone else caught my attention as the shape of it is being constructed by using vertically overlapping model boards (that was lazer-cut and that the burnt area seems like wood)... quite interesting

then i headed off to chinatown's beijing roast duck restaurant to meet up with the taylor's gang for dinner as it was the last nite that the tassie frens were gonna spend here in melb before flying back the nex morning to malaysia

and the food was pretty good especially the deep fried fish that looked like calamari (pic below)

after that we headed off to crown for some gambling session lolx.... in the end i lost $10 playing jackpot coz i was too greedy =_=... lolx ... anyway... it was awesome coz its my first time to get into the casino haha (thought i'll have beginner's luck but it didnt happen)

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