Wednesday, November 19, 2008

end of year excitement...

so its end of year now and im always desperate for this time to come... why?... not coz of uni holidays (tho it contributed to some extend)... and no... its not christmas... its..*cheng*cheng*cheng*cheng*...the annual victoria's secret fashion show!!!... all my fav angels are in there except for gisele... but anyway.. back to the topic... i started keeping track on vs show since i was in high school and i have the vids of every single one starting frm 2003...

but last years show was not that great as i expected... models wearing fugly outfits... i think this year should b better coz my fav adriana lima opened the show *im drooling* haha.. just check out her dangerous curve + outfit in the opening show below

All pics are taken frm, by Don Ashby

if adriana's gonna sign off frm vs show i think theres no reason for me to watch it anymore coz gisele is not there as well... til then (3rd dec, which is the official launching date of vs show on cbs) im gona cross my fingers waiting patiently in the dark to download it.... hahahhaha!!

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