Wednesday, October 22, 2008

happy pre-halloween shopping!

why am i so happy today?...coz 1 of my subjects is down...and thats portfolio...went for final presentation just now for portfolio at 2.30...and its all good...i didnt get stuck when talking...thanx to my practice for like 6 times since yesterday nite....and whats more important is that both the panels like it tho one of them is my tutor in the portfolio class haha....

and below is what i wear to the presentation...nothin special...just old fcuk shirt paired with skinny dark blue jeans :)...being formal a bit to impress the panels...haha...tho im not sure if its even worked....

anyhow...i was still anxious with the halloween party as i still havent figured out what to wear and what should i become?...sadako in the ring?...i need to find the black wig and its not cheap....king tutankhamun?...i need to find the custome and the huge egyptian king's crown...

so i went to the shop opposite vic mart to try to dig some idea as well as finishing the shopping for halloween stuffs coz i hate thinking and worry bout it when it gets nearer as i have somethin more important to worry bout nex final studio submission + final presentation!!!

so below are the things that i bought frm the shop..ohh (the i bought the halloween makeup kit frm big w hehe)
(P/S: im not gonna tell what im gonna b til keep guessing!)

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