Sunday, October 19, 2008

terry richardson & juergen teller wannabe...

who are they?..u'll ask if ure not into photography and all...they're my favourite photographers...coz the pics that they took are using flash and sometimes to and extend of overexpose...and i love that...coz it looks very polaroids-like...very real to life..

hmm terry richardson is the photographer who shot the cover of justin t.'s future sex album cover as well as tom ford's campaigns....below are the examples of his photographs..(always with simple white background to bring out the feature of the main objects that is being photographed)

(pics above taken from

then juergen teller is the photographer for marc jacobs campaign all this while...below are his photographs on winona the over-exposed and whitish quality of the picture

(pics above taken from

i decided to tried using that kinda style to take pictures of my own...and im not sure if im successful in doin so..u judge...(tho i love the results..will try to use this kinda style nex time)

im talented in photography no? lolx

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