Friday, October 24, 2008

me at library?!!

as i wasnt sleeping yesterday & only collapsed on my bed at 6am today....i woke up at 1pm...lolx.u might think im a slacker but i was doin my drawing entire nite yesterday!..

but im not sure why is it that my working progression is so damn slow when im doin it at i decide to go library to do my drawing this afternoon...and ya know proved me right!...i finished alot of the drawings!...hmmm...maybe the library environment is better for doin homeworks as when im there i see alot of people doin the 'formal' stuff (aka reading and doin homeworks) it somehow forces my internal emotion to be just focus on finishing the homeworks without having any excuse to do other unnecessary stuffs...

above was what wore to library today lolx...just short black pant frm seed (not in pic), the motifs t-shirt frm american apparel & stripes cardigan frm trying to b understated and b low profile (which is untrue lolx) today...nah..actually i just wanna stay mysterious for a while till my new light beard grows..and im gona show u my new look haha

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