Wednesday, October 29, 2008

studio's final presentation...

im soooo relief after yesterday's final presentation for studio coz its 'the' most important subject in the entire semester...and i didnt get stuck when i was talking in front of 4 panels including 1 is our own tutor as i didnt have time to even prepare the speech...phew...cant believe that all my sleepness nites is officially over..and for GOOD!

P/S: please ignore the crappyness of the pic's quality coz its taken by my lg shine

and below is one of the panels's back...she's the reborn of a sphinx! kidding..the hair is massive!..but shes friendly :) im not gona reveal her name lolx

and below are my classmates, tatjana and charlotte :)...they're the friendliest classmates ever (lol i looked phat in the pic tho i havent slept for days!)

and charlotte bought this packet of korean snacks (pic below) which look like sea shells...tasty! i recommend u try it...

opps...almost forgot the most important pic...of course my presentation board!..hahaa...

P/S/S: i'll post up better layout of my presentation board in my nex post :)

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