Thursday, September 11, 2008

lovely lovely thursday!!

so after yesterdays, plus last weeks crazy stay-at-home-&-do-assignment...i finally made up my mind to release the stress for a while to get a haircut and then to shop for a while for new season's clothes (ps: spring is coming!! lolx just another excuse for me to buy)

so i went to kairo's hair saloon to get my haircut...ashley, my hairdresser, never fails to give me a great, clean and sexy and most importantly stylish!...and shes cute as well, which is a plus haha

the 'sexyback' song is started playin in my head after my hair cut...but these pics are not making a fair judgement!...have to see me in real person! lol

and the side elevation of my haircut lol...been too into architecture till use alot of archi terms

and then i went to have a quick shop in melb central...guess what i get?....

pfff!!!...pant frm spring summer 08 D&G??....noo...somethin similar to the lenght of the pant

or pant frm spring summer 08 D&G?...still no...but similar to the folded out at the edge of the pant....(pics above taken from

taadahh.....$35 denim short pant frm ...ahhhhemmm..jay so in the season!...and worth it!, stylish and looks expensive (look very 'dolce' haha)..thats what i need for this season haha...and all i need now is a pair of gladiator sandals to complete my summer look this year....but i can hardly see any gladiator sandals here...maybe will only check out when back to malaysia..but then'll b out of season...:(

ohh..yeah...i managed to get my delicious gyu tan don a.k.a. stir fried ox tongue with xo sauce at the jap stall at melb central...its soo yummy...makes my day ;)

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  1. pity i can't eat beef o... looks nice...
    ur haircut also nice.. hehe