Wednesday, September 10, 2008

its been a hell-like week

i havent been really doin any updates on my blog here due to the POURING (yes..its pouringly heavy!) assignments..whats that?...mid sem presentation board + presentation for studio on tuesday nite and mid sem presentation portfolio + presentation for portfolio on wednesday afternoon...tho last week was holiday for rmit generally but not for US! (the archi students)...all i did was just stay at home to do these crappy stuffs.......

but quite happy with the outcome when i see it...this is what good bout the architecture...the outcome makes u forget bout the endless hardcore efforts that u put on it...thats why im still continuing architecture after three years of torturing...;)
alrite..heres the outcome for my studio

looking at the precedents of retail and supermarket layouts especially the carparks plan

and this is about the reserach on typical layout on carparks, loading bays & maximum limit of the view that u can view towards the site before its blocked by the trees

then worked on the strategies of putting the research that ive done into the site so as to minimize space usage for my carpark and loading bays

finally, the strategies were put together in the site to generate an initial layout of the building for IKEA...still its not up to the standard wanted..but its alrite...

and since i have too many pages for my gonna show some here ;) (coz im lazy to upload lolx) just the compilation of my studio 2...



  1. Hey, your presentation boards look so good. Do you have any advice on how to make them look professional? I'm studying Interior/Architecture and doing my very first presentation board.

  2. hey louise, thanks for your compliment, hmm i think u should have a look at magazine like mark to get the idea of how to arrange the pictures and always make the main picture or we call it as hero shots alot bigger and avoid too many words as people are not really going to read it :) goodluckfor your presentation board! :)

  3. Thank you very much, your a great help :)