Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my parcel arrived!

yay!...my parcel was finally arrived yesterday after so much chaos last week...but it never end easy...at around 9am i went straight to the post office stated in the notice that i got.....but when i reached the post office...the staff just gave me a letter from the housing agency asking if i was gonna mve out this end of year...wtf?!...so this notice is just for collecting the useless letter?!...yes!...not parcel nothin!...

i was so anxious and fucking anoyed at the time while hoping that theres still another notice in my mailbox (which is for the parcel specifically)...but times running out and i gotta go to class coz it starts at 9.30am....left no choice...i head to uni

after the class i 'flew' straight back to my place to check if theres any notice left in my mailbox...lucky enough, theres another notice inside!!!! "what a 'phew'!" i thought...gotta rush back to that post office (yes..the same one)....just to collect my parcel and then went back my place again....so finnally its here!

the opening process below...check out

Pow!...my parcel is finally here!...kinda nervous when goin to open tho already know whats inside...guess this is why wrapped things make ppl so excited and curios bout (*take notes for nex time design concept lolx!)

wow...another layer...thanx my family for wrapping it as if it has few millions dollar in it....appreciate u guys' effort!

finally ..all the sketchbooks and sketches!!! it has all come back to me...(*sounds so similar to the title of celine dion's song...lol)

and guess what...the day itself was gloomy but has rainbow in the evening..it was exactly like the day before..just like describing my situatio ... rush here and there (all those hardworks) and finally get what i wanted

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