Thursday, August 14, 2008

exercise 3 of my studio

after two failed attempts in creating workable (coz my lecturer prevent me frm saying nice or appealing) illusion and typology on the plane and volume in my previous exercises in studio..i tried to strike for the best that i can (which also resulted in almost-sick situation on tuesday nite that i have no choice but to missed the minor presentation for portfolio class).....and the result was getting positive review from my lecturer...was so so happy in the end that ive finally make somethin right!!

so i was pushing everything to the requirement limits that was set in the requirement sheets and creating planes within the volume and the criss-crossed planes are then erased and resulted in the final form of my volume and for the plane i wanted to create a sense that the volume and the plane are one and a sense of ambiguity that the square-like lines on the top of the volume seemed to be the key component in generating the entire volume and plane or all lines seem to end there.

heres the renders for exercise 3...its very basic type of discovering new typology and stuff so dont expect too much graphical things in it....guess what i drew the line one by one in sketchup so please enjoy!