Monday, June 10, 2013

My South East Asia Adventure Part 3

So, after two days of resting in my family home at Sungai Petani, I was out on another trip to Singapore! I stayed at this hostel type place in Chinatown called Pillow & Toast Heritage crammed up with people in bunker bed, but luckily it has got air conditioner. Shower are is too small and eeky I would say but otherwise its pretty alright. Can't complain much about a budget accommodation.

So after dropping off my belongings in the hostel, I went out for a walk around Chinatown and since that it was very close to Chinese New Year at the time, the street was decorated with a lot of lantern and almost everything painted or cladded in red to signify good luck.

But as I always tell my friend, Singapore trip is not complete without a shopping spree, or at least a window shopping session in my case. Orchard Road is a must to visit and you can't consider yourself visited Singapore if you haven't been there even though you don't like shopping. It's like going to Melbourne without visiting Federation Square or going to Kuala Lumpur without visiting Petronas Twin Towers.

Dinner (gourmet sandwich) was pretty awesome as I managed to dine in one of a cool and fancy pansy cafe at the top floor of a shopping centre along Orchard Road (please excuse my lack of description and information in terms of remembering the name and location of the cafe as I was too indulged in my delicious sandwich.

That's the view from my bunker bed in Pillow & Toast Heritage.

Recycled paper tube wall decoration at the lobby of Pillow & Toast Heritage.

The glass box with escalator running underground at Orchard Road.

The famous Ion shopping mall at Orchard Road.

The tasty gourmet sandwich.

This is the view of the cafe that I had the dinner at, with other half of the shop is used for retail.

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