Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My South East Asia Adventure Part 2

So I was staying in KL for a couple of days before heading back to my hometown at the North, Sungai Petani. It an expanding city that is about 45 minutes drive from the Penang Island, but if you're speeding you car to about 100km/h you'll be reaching my hometown in about half an hour time or less, given that there isn't any traffic jam on the highway. While I was in my hometown, I decided to get my blood tested as well as my teeth cleaned. Its just my ritual whenever I go home from Australia simply because it is super cheap over there (about RM90 for teeth cleaned, which is about $30 dollars). And I can't wait to see my family and dog too! Its been way too long since I went home!! So I was extremely thrilled and excited to be back :)

The Teochew rice congee with lots of side dishes in KL, super yum! 

The view up from the toilet at the dentist :P

The view from the dentist's balcony that I went to

That's probably the tallest tower in my hometown

The local food hawker's stalls in my hometown

The front yard of my family house

My lovely doggie :D

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