Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week 5 Presentation Board

I'm interested in discovering the tension and connection created between programs within architecture and response of its surrounding environment, a highly responsive site (with multiple infrastructure, leisure, arts, culture, natural environment, business buildings), an empty lot beside Federation Square Car Park Building is chosen to test the immediate tension and relationship with a series of programs (Public Space, Library, Exhibition Space, and Research Lab). the play of programs and surroundings as connectors for the architecture also allows the inspection on creating spaces with public driven programs narrowing down to specialized programs that for specific individuals and professions. The result is a Research and Design Media Lab with multiple vision and physical access from every level and narrowing down from general public interest spaces to specific spaces for professional indivisual. The co-existence of programs and surrounding is constantly being challenged within the architecture to maximize performance of the building and its contribution towards the surrounding cityscape, creating a symbiosis environment.

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