Thursday, July 14, 2011

Izakaya (居酒屋) and Capsule Hotel (カプセルホテル) at Asakusa (浅草)

Asakusa seems like a quiet place at night but if you are adventurous enough you can walk around the area and discover that it offers a lot more than you think (a place with temple and train exchange to outer parts of Tokyo). There are quite a number of izakaya around Asakusa.

Since this is a backpacking trip to Japan, we figure its best that we stay at capsule hotel for a night at Asakusa area. I always heard about the idea of capsule hotel, but to be able to experience it on my own for the very first time, it just so amazing! Nothing like what my other friends told me (which is very uncomfortable to sleep in), the capsule hotel offers a tiny space filled with futon and small tv (but if you want to watch tv you'll have to pay and put on earphone as one capsule is very near and next to the other so the noise tolerating level is very low :) but anyway its amazing and I seriously recommend anyone who's going to Tokyo to stay at least one night in a capsule hotel.

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