Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chinese New Year's Eve and Chinese New Year...

this year was the first year that i spent my Chinese New Year away from my family as i was working (and still working now) and wasn't able to take leave to fly all the way back to Malaysia, but even if I'm back i wouldn't be at Malaysia as my family travel every year during Chinese New year and the top places that they'll head off to is Thailand (*its the nearest and the cheapest and its still counted as foreign country lol)

tho i didn't get to go back, i still fortunate enough to be able to spend my CNYE with my beloved friends in Melbourne! not too bad after all :) I quite enjoyed it and it was a potluck get-together dinner so each person has to cook something, guess what i cook :) no, not the prawn, not the sambal fish either, but the one under the lid, its kong poh chicken! :D was quite a success except it was over spicy but Ruth (the girl who likes every food that comes with chillies topping!) loves it so i guess its still alright lol

headed off to little bourke street in the city (just a few mins walk frm my place as i live in the cbd :D ) the next morning to check out what locals do to celebrate CNY... luckily i wasn't expected much as you know, its Australia, still a western country so its not like its a huge things over here compare to Malaysia, but i managed to get what i want, food of course! :D pork jerky and mixed fruits dipped in hardened sweet sauce! haha as you can see i was wearing red that day to bring out the celebration mood in me ;)

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