Monday, September 27, 2010

midsumma pride march...

not gonna put too much words into this blog as i seriously cant remember much things that dated back during february time and my blog cant really catch up with things revolving around me now... so i figure out what i can do is to put as many photo or vid footage as i can in my blog to show what has happen and it will boost up the speed of my 'story-telling' blog so hopefully it'll be able to catch up with my life now....

went to midsumma in february time, it was daniel's idea as he said ive havent been to any marching and it'll be great if i can get to watch it for real, so i thought yea why not and i gave it a go :) and it was quite good to see all the people gathered around and march down the road at st kilda... it turns out i was one of the people who march too for the sexual health association and its one of the most well received group as we gave out condoms and lubes! for free!!! lolx

p/s: im so wanna go to mardi gras next year in sydney coz it'll b much much bigger and more awesome than this according to my friends :D so lets hope i manage to get there on time and be able to capture some of the great moments in the pride march! :) maybe with a skimpy shorts plus a pair of angel wings too! lolx just maybe, oh well i dont knowww.... :P

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