Friday, July 30, 2010

happy moments are when you see your friends achievements to be recognized...

its really wonderful and honored to be able to attend my friends' graduation ceremony: yee peng, the twins, cynthia and many others... it happened way back in last year, around 22nd of December, the reason i put them on now is that i dont want to arrange my blog according to timeline.. so yea, talking about ceremony, its just sort of bring back my memory back then (*two years ago counting from now) when i graduated from RMIT in Bachelor of Architectural Design... and then i attended as a guest to witness my friends' graduation a year after i graduated..... just can't imagine how time flies sooo quickly.... anyway, just gonna show pics here without much of a talk, but something worth mentioning is that lj fell asleep during the ceremony lolx! she can literally sleep every where she goes, and im serious! no joke...


  1. wow... many many embarrassing photos LOL

  2. especially lj's sleeping photo! lols