Thursday, September 24, 2009

a riddle for melbournian who knows chinese and things ive bought for SPRING!

ok im gonna start off this post by giving a riddle to people who live in melbourne and happen to understand chinese (*ok im not being racist here, but its just how the riddle works)..guess a train station by looking at h.jing and my posing in the pics, make sure u dont look at the last line of the words until u gave up on the riddle, as it is the answer :)...

(P/S: yes the riddle is lame i know coz that's the best that i can think off for a joke when its cold and its morning and its at an open-air station in the middle of nowhere) and the reason we went there is... secret :X.. until i have my hands on the 'evidence' then i'll post it up here.. so till then, just fingers cross and wait :D

and... its been long since my last post bout fashion, well erm... sort of like what im wearing.... so i guess its a good time to update what ive bought recently frm (*as u all know, theres no freaking topman store in aussie!!!! =..=).. but all the SPRING (ohh i love the word 'spring' coz im really over winter now) clothes that i purchased are at the sale section and each piece is not more than 10 pounds... so its worth the money! (*i know im such a 'scavenger' for discounted stuffs thats coz im still a student, and a student is poor! lolx)... and warning, theres a flesh exposure pic involve in one of the pics so make sure ure over 18 lols


  1. love th green tank and backless shirt! great buys

  2. are u kidding me? no topman in aussie...??? but the black one is nice. ;)

  3. no topman in Aussie? are u kidding me?... the black one is nice, love it. ;)

  4. yes im serious... so sad, ther are no topman n zara =.=