Wednesday, August 19, 2009

week 4 studio updates...

i didnt have much time to upload the pics frm last week as this week i was full of assignments frm uni (i did until 3 to 4am everyday... =.=) so here i am once again with somethin to experiment on for week 4.... i tried to came out with 3d models first and then trying to translate them into 3d physical models i tried to model out the 'flowy' and wavy shape, which is taken frm the wavy structures from the plastic model that i had a week before... and then criss-crossing each other thru some kinda weaving technique and thus form a much thicker 3d wavy model, from ther, i chopped it off into smaller pieces and placed them onto each other and formed a pile, made up of similar weaving + stacking system...
then try to zoom in the view to try to check out what kinda spaces can be formed thru this kinda weaving + stacking systems.. it seems like its futuristic kinda transport systems or what ever that u might interpret urself...
frm the same idea, i tried to translate it into 3d model thru the use of clay (*it looks like shit -.-) and it didnt work well coz once clay is dried out, it tends to break into smaller pieces
then for the second model, i used the similar technique but in a reversed sort of way, so its frm physical model back into 3d model...(since the studio is bout experimenting gaps between translation frm physical into digital or vice versa).. i started off with the plastic tubes and create knots continuously and formed a system ( i personally like it very much as if i happen to create heaps of them and join them together, i can create a lamp! which i will when im free ;D )then i try to work out a way to create undulating surfaces onto hips (a kinda plastic sheet shown in the pic, not 'ass' i repeat, not 'ass' XD )... so suggested by the helper in the workshop, i used heat gun to create circular motion onto the plastic surface to heat and soften it, then using metal stick to push and poke the surfaces to create undulating surfaces, tho the end result is ok, but its still too random, which i dont like as it doesnt show any idea and supportive evidence on why i did it...
the final experiment was by sticking alot of water bomb (small type of balloon found in hypermarket's party section) and then vac form it.... tho it didnt quite work out as the balloons just pop under heat and extreme pressure due to vacuum forming action... but the way it blown under pressure created a new kinda surfaces formed thru bursting process which i think is pretty impressive
and the video below is the process of vac forming the balloon, make sure u check it out as its pretty fun and amazing!


  1. ur studio project looks really interesting!

  2. I like the projects you have done, how long have worked with vacuum forming

  3. omg, that thing's alive!!
    (i watched your video) lol
    i like the balloons before they pop...

    man i wish i was doing creative stuff like that when i was at uni...
    all my creative stuff happened outside the class room *wink wink*

  4. wey chii: yea it is very interesting, get to expose to different materials with different techniques in dealing with them

    vacuum forming: thanx, ive been working with vac forming for two weeks plus... there are still alot of potentials in working with the machine as well as the materials

    world of sekimachihato: haha yesh! its alive! just like the egg in alien movie, the nex thing u know is that the face hugger pop out and hug ur face lol :D

  5. OMG what design course you study? you get to do all these cool things!!! i wanna try! :P

    that thing is amazing~ it would be dangerous for me to play with though - because i can think of several things i want to shape right now - most of all a nice huge Ayu logo hahahaha

    even though i dont understand alot of the stuff - i really enjoy reading your blog :P

  6. didnt i told u im studying architecture :) haha i'll try to make u an ayu logo nex time when im free (when im free lolx) btw thanx for reading my blog georgie! :D