Sunday, July 26, 2009

house party at simon's...

simon invited me to go his house party last friday and it was really fun :)... ohh and i since it was my first house party so i went without bringing any liquor with me (so embarassing! ;P ) but anyway, thanx to clare for letting me drink a glass of her white wine and craig for lletting me drink a bottle of his beer :P...


  1. you didn't take drinks to a home party!?
    naughty naughty! lol
    (oh, nice blog by the way)

    melbourne is on my future to-live lists so it's nice to see your view of the city.

  2. i know... XP embarassing! ohh btw melbourne is great! but the downside is that the nite life isn't as lively as asian cities :( but i think its slowly getting live-lier