Sunday, July 19, 2009

from malaysia with love...part 3

the nex day was all about visiting the landmarks around the city and thus we woke up early, getting change and headed to victoria market for some breakfast (the delicious spare ribs and doughnuts) as well as souvenirs-buying session...

after that, we took the city circle tram (which is free!) down to docklands to view some huge sculptures along the bayside was all fun :)

then took the city circle tram back to flinders and walked a short distance to ngv (national gallery of victoria) to have a look at the art pieces but unfortunately the public gallery wasnt opened at the time, only salvador dali's exhibition was opened and needed to pay to get in so we just sort of wondering around the shop at ngv and took some photos with the display items...

it was lunch time!.. cant imagine time passed-by soooo freaking fast.... we had our lunch at a very homey japanese restaurant near little collins street and the una don is ta-ta-ta-ta-tasty-tastyyy (quoted frm fergie's fergalicious) lolx

nex stop was to melbourne museum.. i was excited like a little boy when i saw the displayed dinosaurs skeletons... it was just sooo breath-takingly beautiful... especially the t-rex, velicoraptor n pteranodon's skeleton.... :D (coz they were not on display in my last visit, which was last year...

ohh yess.. i almost forgot the live-bugs section... i was freaked out with the cockroaches that literally filled up the branches in the display window that i have to stayed at anz's back to watch em... coz i have huge phobia on cockroaches.. -.-

so thats all trips for anz in melb... she said she loves melb alot :D

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