Saturday, May 9, 2009

new salon = new haircut

its been a month and my hair keeps growing thick and long and it looked like a total mushroom, so i went for a haircut yesterday at a korean salon called 'good morning' (weird name lolx), at swanston street... the result is stunning as i get what i want, the mohawk kinda hairstyle :D with a lil of rough cutting edge kinda feeling to it...

and thats what i wore to class and then to shop with kelly and haidar, at flinders lane (really love that place as the street is scaled down to pedestrian level and everythin's packed and has very european-like street environment), american apparel's black cape, giordano's white polo, jay jay's blue skinny jeans and american apparel's orange school bag

ohh ther was this frustrated thing happened yesterday, my friends phone and asked to get prepared for karaoke and after i got all ready to go, they said its too expensive and all and i was like 'what the fuck?!' i was all prepared... =.= anyway, at least i get to post up over here of what i wore for that karaoke but didnt get to go out in the end, american apparel's faux leather black hoodie, topman's black vest, topman's orange tee, and jay jays blue skinny jeans


  1. nice hairstyle;)

  2. Wuah, geng haircut..yeng outfit...legend

  3. ha! i know... its the only place in my entire studio that has a mirror so ive got no choice lolx, btw thanx for visiting my blog :)

  4. You got the black cape?! I really want one for next Winter, a bit different from all the other coats I have.

    Looking sharp with the new haircut! I wish I could have that short hair, then I would change it more often.

  5. yea i bought the cape coz its very different frm others :D

    yea it would b interesting to c ur hair short :)