Monday, April 27, 2009

my surfboard!!!

my long-awaited 6'1" surfboard and cover had finally arrived this morning!!! yeeha! tho im very excited, i still remembered to take the snaps of process of opening the parcels :D

then the second layers of buble wraps....

and finally the beautiful and shiny (*ka-ching!) surfboard shown in front of my eyes.... and its light too!! even the delivery man said that :D

the backside if the board, with three removable fins

then i pushed it into the cover to check if it fits nicely, and it is lol :D.... so im happy

(P/S: now i left legrope, wax, wax comb and board grip to buy, but i'll continue my slow search for the most fashionable legrope and grip that suits my board haha... coz ya know, its a long-term investment, like a car/wife to me lolx)


  1. Wohoooo, new surf board! Cool and fresh colours, I see!

  2. yes yes! im soo excited that i wanna knock the next door neighbours and show em my precious surfboard :P

  3. Haha... you do that and the neighbours mght think you're craaaazy.