Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a relaxing saturday..

i went out to catch n african street musical at somewhere around the crown area as the unis gona open soon (which was yesterday =,=) so i thought this might b a great chance to walk around the city in a relaxing mood (which i seldom get the chance to) and i grabbed my cam along and took some snapshots along the way (* ive been so into greeneries lately so u can c alot of pics with plants instead of the city itself lol)

ive tried to record the dance for 30 seconds, make sure u check it out:

later on, i went to have a big fat dinner with twins at a korean restaurant opposite melb central, it was sooo goood and im ready to kick start my sem :P


  1. Great shots! I can't wait for warmer weather, more green and less white and grey.

  2. thanx, but the autumn is coming in southern hemisphere so i'll get to c the depressing grey again =.=